Be the star of your own testimonial!

You can use this recorder to film your own testimonial to let the world know how much you love your MyActingWebsite … site. Hit the record button to use your webcam/camera or the other button to upload your own flashy production. Make us laugh, make us cry, capture our imagination or show us the injustice of the cruel, cruel world. Has MyActingWebsite saved your life or helped you to make better dietary choices at craft services? The world wants to know! We really appreciate you taking the time to do this!

There are rules and these are them.

Kids see this site so just make sure you keep it rated G for language, content and all that other stuff. If you have cool ideas for things we should change or add to MAW (yay!), or just want to be mean (boooo!), send an email to [email protected] instead of doing a video. We love feedback. Not all videos will be displayed on our site (we are biased and like the ones that make us look good). By submitting a video here you give us the right to use it to brag about ourselves on this site and on all the tubes and book places across the interwebs.

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